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Month: May 2018

Worming a horse

Equine Worming – Do you have a plan?

Unless you are a new horse owner (or loaner), like me, you should be well versed in the requirements of equine worming. However, not all of us know everything and certainly since I last owned Olly guidelines regarding worming has changed, so this is a little post to remind or advise those of you who may be a little rusty when it comes to worming your horse.

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Hilarious Behind the Scenes Image’s of the New Blog Cover Photo

I have wanted to change the main image of this blog and social media cover photo’s for a while now to depict what my blog Heels To Horses is all about. My vision was to have my laptop and some of my personal effects displayed on a desk which shows the journey of being a

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Clair 2018

So, I’m kind of a blogger…

…some of you have followed me since day dot (April 2015) when I started my journey of working as a Corporate PA to training to become a Saddler.

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Five Reasons Why I Run A Monthly Equine Tack Sales…

I have organised equine tack sales in a local village hall, on and off, for the last couple of years.

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April Giveaway Winner

Last month I launched the Lady Saddler monthly newsletter which will provide news, tips, special offers and anything else I can think of that my followers would like to know. Have you subscribed?

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