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I Learnt A New Skill

What do you do at the weekend when you have been at the office all week and juggled meal times, after school clubs and homework? Well, whilst many of you are catching up on the housework or doing family packed activities, I am doing all those things as well as doing leather repairs, making accessories,

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My First Exam…

Firstly, I send my apologies for not doing a daily blog during my recent week in Salisbury. It sure was a tough week for me and I started suffering with anxiety from the beginning which just drained everything from me. When I woke early on the Monday morning I was overwhelmed by nausea. I really

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I Made A Martingale!!!

Friday’s are always a bit of a rush, or at least it seems like it and today was no exception, with most of the trainee’s (except for me and one other girl) doing their assessments. It’s only technically a half day till 1pm and most of us want to finish what we’re doing or at

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I Made A Bridle!!!

Today was completion (of snaffle bridle with reins) day and what a fab job I did, even if I do say so myself. Don’t get me wrong it’s not going to win any prizes and it’s nothing like what the qualified saddlers produce but I am well and truly happy with my attempt. What do

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Mental Exhaustion . ..

I’m a little later than normal posting this [sorry for that] purely because I got in, called home and then crashed on the bed. Exhausted! It’s not even a physical exhaustion either as I’ve not done much walking like I had planned [will do better tomorrow] but instead it’s a mental exhaustion having to take

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Starting To Stitch…

Ever pricked your finger on a sewing needle whilst taking up the hem of a skirt or tacking in your child’s name labels into their schoolwear? Well multiply that by 100 and that is how my index finger feels right now. Today has been the start of stitching the bridle together… …OH MY LIFE it

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Training Week #2

Hello… …it’s my first day back at the Saddlery Training Centre today (25th July) and I have picked straight up where I left off in May. If you remember I had completed the headcollar earlier than anticipated so I was allowed to go on and cut the straps for the next assessment piece – a

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Can You Help?

It has been almost a month since I was on my first week of training at the Saddlery Training Centre in Salisbury. Not much has happened since then other than show my head collar off a little that I made (as well as try it on Rouxb); I have been trying to get the necessary

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Why A Saddler?

Most people have a dream when they are younger to be like a certain person or to have a certain job; I did not want to be a saddler. If fact, at 16 years old I was preparing to attend Equine college in Warwickshire, to undertake an Equine based qualification of some sort, with a

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First Week Comes To An End.

Today has been a day of mixed emotions. I was a little sad to be leaving the B&B where John and Ronnie have taken good care of me. I had the amazing full English breakfast for the last time (until the next time I go down lol 🙂 ), and after checking out I got

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