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Getting Back on Olly for the First Time This Year.

Spring time has been particularly wetter than first anticipated but sure enough we got Olly tacked up and took him out…

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Five Reasons Why I Run A Monthly Equine Tack Sales…

I have organised equine tack sales in a local village hall, on and off, for the last couple of years.

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Olly lying down

Week 9 of Olly’s Update

On Tuesday Olly had his feet done. Our Farrier, Ryan Darbyshire, is great. He understands Olly’s seperation issues and because Olly was only having a trim Ryan came into the horses field and he trimmed him there and then. When we arrived they were all lying down on the brow of the hill in the sunshine. Olly was so content where he was that I got his headcollar on whilst he was lying down and had to give him a gentle pull…

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Week 6 of Olly’s Issues

It’s half term week and the children are off school. I’ve still had to work and like most parents who also have to work are probably more busier than when the kids are at school, so most of the week apart from Tuesday we have been so busy that we have quickly fed and watered and checked the horses and then run…

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Week 5 of Olly’s Issues

Week 5 covers Day 29 (Sunday 11th February) to Day 35 (Saturday 17th February):- Sunday – I took hubby to show him where everything was so that he could feed the forthcoming week for me whilst I am away. Monday – I was on route to Saddler Training so had to feed and run first

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Week 4 of Olly’s Issues

Sunday: OMG! we had SUCH a break through today. I caught Olly lovely, I fed Eddie and we walked down to the stable block. He was really chilled this time. I fed him there again and checked him over. I took down his neck on his rug for a bit and picked out his feet which he stood lovely and still for me. He just ate his feed…

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Restarting Eddie’s Education

Eddie is a 6yrs old Thoroughbred gelding who was bred to race but had to retire due to an injury. He can still be ridden following treatment but is not allowed to do any jumping. Eddie was brought by his current owner who had ambitions of doing a little dressage but when a surprise pregnancy

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Trying out a gym ball

Have you ever offered up a chance for your horse to play with a gym ball? No?! Then do it! You must! It is the most delightful event to watch if your ponio’s have never seen one before. With Olly’s imminent arrival I have started to purchase a couple of items of tack and equipment

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My Adaptation of Black Beauty…

Who would have thought that what I am about to tell you is really going to happen… Remember the Thoroughbred I told you all about that I brought when I was 30 years old? Remember that I had to re-home him (and our pony, Jakey) due to a family financial crisis we found ourselves in? 

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Riding other peoples horses and ponies

In my experience, as soon as you have your first riding lesson on these four legged beasts we call horses and ponies, you are hooked. I remember as a seven or eight year old being asked to go riding with a school friend and soon after becoming absolutely besotted with everything to do with ponies.

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