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Clair 2018

So, I’m kind of a blogger…

…some of you have followed me since day dot (April 2015) when I started my journey of working as a Corporate PA to training to become a Saddler.

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Five Reasons Why I Run A Monthly Equine Tack Sales…

I have organised equine tack sales in a local village hall, on and off, for the last couple of years.

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The Making Of My First Bespoke Shoulder Bag

Recently I completed my first bespoke hand stitched shoulder bag. It was fantastic to be able to make something specific to an individual’s requirements; the size, colour, personalisation, lining and even the fittings of the bag were all chosen by the customer. Josie from Gamble Designs and I met virtually via a Networking Mummies group

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I LOVE eBay…

I’m generally not a big shopaholic and I don’t spend money (if I ever have any) at designer outlets or on mail order. In fact my husband colours my hair at home, I shop in vintage shops or Ebay and when I want my own nails or beauty treatments doing I just do them myself,

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A Dream Becoming Reality…

I have always had the desire to become self employed and although I have had several businesses of my own I have always been a hard working and dedicated employee alongside them; after all this was always the wage that paid the bills at the end of the month. I have set up and run

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Starting a project…

​When I feel the world is against me or I need to have some ‘me’ time I usually like to go horse riding but these last 4 weeks have been really tough and I don’t have the desire to do anything physical.  I blame this feeling partly on the time of year; it’s still winter

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Making my first proper sale…

Christmas 2016 was the first real opportunity for me to make and sell some leather products since launching my business, The Lady Saddler in September. Due to still working full time, being a mum and a wife as well as attend saddler training every three months meant I already had a lot to do so I didn’t

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New Year’s Resolutions, Goals, Plans or Dreams?

I don’t know about you but I stopped making New Year Resolution’s when I was a teenager. I mean really, who has kept to the ‘I must lose weight’ statement anyway? For years I never made a bold statement or even make any plans for the future. I lived for the moment and that was

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Starting Level 3 in Bridle Making…

A couple of weeks ago I attended my fourth week of training at The Saddlery Training Centre. Following my successful completion of Level 2 Bridle Making, I was now to go straight onto Level 3 (in Bridle Making). So for my first practical piece I was tasked with making a stallion in-hand bridle with a

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Mental Exhaustion . ..

I’m a little later than normal posting this [sorry for that] purely because I got in, called home and then crashed on the bed. Exhausted! It’s not even a physical exhaustion either as I’ve not done much walking like I had planned [will do better tomorrow] but instead it’s a mental exhaustion having to take

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