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Spring Craft Fair 2018

Today the Lady Saddler displayed at the Networking Mummies (Wolverhampton) Spring Fair at Bantock House Park

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What a day today has been!

I had planned today to be such a positive forward moving type of day with lots of leatherwork to do and social media and blog writing to schedule but boy did it turn out to be way different……Firstly, I had the dentist this morning, it wasn’t just a check up this time neither it was to have some x-rays, a filling and a clean but after numerous terrifying childhood experiences at the dentist I hate having ‘work done’ to my teeth……Then to top the day off I had to try and get one of our cars into a garage urgently which was proving to be more difficult than originally thought. To cut a long story short…

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Week 6 of Olly’s Issues

It’s half term week and the children are off school. I’ve still had to work and like most parents who also have to work are probably more busier than when the kids are at school, so most of the week apart from Tuesday we have been so busy that we have quickly fed and watered and checked the horses and then run…

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Taking Action…

For the whole of my adult life I have wanted to be someone more than the average Jane Doe. Don’t get me wrong I have never wanted to be a celebrity and portray the ‘everything is perfect’ image but I have always wanted to be a business owner, or somebody people look up to and

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Level 3 Bridle Making…the final week (Part 1)

Hi Everyone, I am sat on the bed in my guest room at Websters B&B in Salisbury on day 2 of my week long training and assessment for the Level 3 Bridle Making qualification. On Monday I started the journey to Salisbury which usually takes me 2½ hours (120 miles) mainly down the M5. I

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