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Five Reasons Why I Run A Monthly Equine Tack Sales…

I have organised equine tack sales in a local village hall, on and off, for the last couple of years.

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My Adaptation of Black Beauty…

Who would have thought that what I am about to tell you is really going to happen… Remember the Thoroughbred I told you all about that I brought when I was 30 years old? Remember that I had to re-home him (and our pony, Jakey) due to a family financial crisis we found ourselves in? 

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Riding other peoples horses and ponies

In my experience, as soon as you have your first riding lesson on these four legged beasts we call horses and ponies, you are hooked. I remember as a seven or eight year old being asked to go riding with a school friend and soon after becoming absolutely besotted with everything to do with ponies.

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A Dream Becoming Reality…

I have always had the desire to become self employed and although I have had several businesses of my own I have always been a hard working and dedicated employee alongside them; after all this was always the wage that paid the bills at the end of the month. I have set up and run

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I Made A Martingale!!!

Friday’s are always a bit of a rush, or at least it seems like it and today was no exception, with most of the trainee’s (except for me and one other girl) doing their assessments. It’s only technically a half day till 1pm and most of us want to finish what we’re doing or at

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I Made A Bridle!!!

Today was completion (of snaffle bridle with reins) day and what a fab job I did, even if I do say so myself. Don’t get me wrong it’s not going to win any prizes and it’s nothing like what the qualified saddlers produce but I am well and truly happy with my attempt. What do

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Mental Exhaustion . ..

I’m a little later than normal posting this [sorry for that] purely because I got in, called home and then crashed on the bed. Exhausted! It’s not even a physical exhaustion either as I’ve not done much walking like I had planned [will do better tomorrow] but instead it’s a mental exhaustion having to take

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